יצירת מרחב לאהבה

A girl receives close to 100 inquiries a day on dating sites. Even if she would like to devote 2 minutes to each application, go through the person's card and decide something about him, she needs about 200 minutes. Over 3 hours a day! And if one day she did not go online, you probably understand how much it accumulates. It is clear that she will not go into every single message, but will choose the ones that attract her the most and delete the rest directly, long before she has even had time to look at the owner of the message.

Here are some rules for formulating an appeal that will attract the girl so that she will want to answer it

A. Do not offer her offers of any kind in the first post, she will not agree. She needs to be interested in you first and then and start considering how she wants to move forward.

B. Avoid clichéd messages like "What does it sound like?", "Do you want to talk?", "Do you like me", etc. ?. When you send such a message, it is quite clear to her that you have not examined it, you have not noticed anything about it, you do not even see with which person you are talking and what sets it apart. You just shoot in all directions, hoping to hit someone who will answer. If you do not know what is special about her, why do you want her? It tells her that you're just looking for easy prey without being interested in a girl at all. She wants you to pay attention to her, and want her beyond her beautiful eyes as well.

third. In order for her to want to talk to you, she needs to be interested and intrigued from the very first message. To do this, take a good good look at her picture, read her details and get caught up in one thing you noticed. It could be something in her dress, something in her habits or occupations. When you write the message to her, you will see that you have noticed one of these details, you will pass a slight critique on him with humor. For example, for a girl who likes to eat sushi ,? It can be included at the end of the message: "? And the sushi tells me something interesting about you."

D. Do not ask questions in the first post. Instead it is better to give a comment or critique something related to it. It evokes a much stronger desire to respond, than questions from someone who is interested in you, but you have no idea who he is even. Your post should attract attention and be challenging, the thought that should cross her mind when she reads your post, is: "How dare he write such a thing? What did he even mean ?! Now I will answer him !!!".

God. Do not write in the first message only about it and do not write in the first message only about yourself,? Step.

and. Do not write in the first post anything about sex, phone numbers, advocacy, dating. The post is meant to attract attention and start communicating until both you and her, an opinion on each other, is formed. If you make suggestions to her, without having had time to talk to her at all, to feel her as a person and a interlocutor, it seems a little strange and daunting.

P. A sense of humor and wit will be blessed. It is permissible to use exaggerations and extremes in a light-hearted and funny way, when it is clear that you do not demand anything of her in a serious way, but speak lightly. For example: "Let's talk and we can meet, meet, fall in love, get married, have children, quarrel, divorce? In fact, maybe it's better not to talk, but if you insist, then of course I can not refuse your smile."

H. You will see that you appreciated her for something, but in a gentle way and not in the form of a direct compliment. It should be something you found on her card. For example: "I like when a girl has good taste in movies."

I have given you here only the guidelines, almost without examples, so that you can learn to create for each girl the unique message that will suit her and intrigue her. Stick to these rules and with experience you can start dating online in a way that no one will be able to refuse you.

Written by  Yigal Stark

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